Formulator 3.0 - Scanning, filling out and printing forms

Formulator 3.0 - Scanning, filling out and printing forms

Full Version: 179.52 €

Update: 89.76 €

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Fill out and print forms
Import data from any database format
Solve field dependencies with arithmetic zones

Have you never worried about filling out forms by hand or by using a typewriter although you can do virtually everything else on your computer? These times are over now, thanks to the Formulator!

By using the Formulator you can scan forms, fill them out on the screen and print them afterwards. You have the choice between printing directly onto a blank form or print the form along with the data. All you need is a PC, a scanner and a printer.

In order to print text onto a form you have to scan an empty form first. Then, you need to show the program where the text is going to appear by drawing frames with the mouse. Afterwards you can assign optional attributes to these text zones to make filling out the form as easy as possible. If, for instance, you define a field as a date field it will always contain the current date so that you never have to enter it by yourself. Or you can create zones containing pre-defined text that is to appear on every form, like your name or your address.

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  • filling out any kind of form
  • application forms for insurances
  • invoices and delivery notes
  • bank transfer forms
  • tender documents
  • order forms
  • term's reports
  • questionnaires
  • blind support

New in Version 3.0:

  • Multiple Document Interface
  • forms can contain multiple pages
  • scanning and image import using grayscale or colour
  • page adjustment feature for skewed forms
  • new zone type "Formula" for arithmetic dependencies
  • multi-line text fields with adjustable line pitch
  • scale-to-gray feature for better viewing quality
  • completely overhauled database interface
  • printing of multiple records in one step


System Requirements
  • Processor with 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM
  • Windows compatible printer
  • TWAIN compatible scanner
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, or 2000
  • TWAIN standard supported
  • scanning in b/w, grayscales or colour
  • adjustment feature for skewed pages
Import/Export of Image Files
  • support for BMP, PCX, TIFF
  • import/export in b/w, grayscales or colour
Form Display
  • display of single-page and multi-page forms
  • scale-to-gray feature for b/w images
  • page browser
Database Interface
  • support of all ODBC compliant formats
  • import/export of records
  • user-defined filters
Text Formats
  • standard (single-line/multi-line)
  • fixed character pitch (comb fields)
  • fixed line pitch (assessment reports)
  • field-wise font formatting
Numeric Fields
  • formatting of numbers and currencies
  • adjustable currency symbol
  • arbitrary precision
Arithmetic Fields
  • chainable field dependencies
  • fundamental operations with arbitrary precision
  • result formatting as number or currency
Date Fields
  • adjustable date format
  • automatic completion
  • current data
Other Fields
  • look-up lists
  • checkmarks
  • graphics

Formulator Filler

In addition to the Formulator we offer Formulator Filler which is a cheaper alternative for form filling on additional work stations. To use it you need at least one full version of Formulator 3.0 for preparing the forms to be filled out. When filling out forms there is no difference between Formulator Filler and Formulator. This version was designed specifically for office environments with many computers linked through a network.

Formulator 3.0
Full Version: 179.52 €
Formulator 3.0
Update: 89.76 €
Formulator Filler 3.0
Full Version: 89.76 €

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